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Payday loan websites will always remain the most convenient option for those wishing to secure a payday loan, though traditional payday loan stores have tried, with some success, to gain ground on payday loan sites by offering customers the option to fax their information in. The process sounds simple – without having to come into the store, customers can fax their completed application, proof of citizenship, copy of a pay stub, and proof of a bank account (a blank check). While this sounds easy, not everybody has a fax machine, and it is not exactly a fast process, as fax machines are somewhat outdated nowadays and it could take a while for the company to receive and process your application.

While it is true that not everybody has a fax machine, let’s not be impervious to the fact that not everybody has a computer. Going into a store may be the only option, though for those who do have fax machines, faxing unquestionably provides these individuals with added convenience. Instead of driving to a store and waiting in line, a customer can simply take his/her time with an application and fax over the application and applicable documents at their leisure.

The problem with this is that the process could be just as slow as going in person, for the aforementioned reasons. In the past, we have observed that employees at payday loan stores are not so quick to process fax applications, which begs the question: « If it’s going to take a while to get my loan processed after faxing it, why not just go in person? » Probably the most important thing to understand is that you will not get your money any quicker if you fax – you will just have the convenience of not having to apply in person.

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